8-Channel 720p Network Video Recorder & IP Cameras

From $699.99

  • Industry Leading Design

  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Setup in Minutes

Wider Viewing Angle

CamGuardian provides 100° wide-angle field of view to enhance coverage compared to the traditional 70° to 75° viewing angle cameras.

  • Traditional Viewing Angle
  • CamGuardian Wider Viewing Angle
  • Traditional Image Quality
  • CamGuardian Better Image Quality

Better Image Quality

We deliver a superior viewing experience with HD 720p megapixel at 1280 x 720 pixels. More vivid color, higher contrast, great brightness and white balance.

Perfect cooling design

An ultra-quiet fan is set on top of device to pulls air upward through a bottom intake.

  • Easy plug-in hard drive

    No need screw driver. Just plug in and hard drive installation is done in seconds.

  • All in one box

    Everything you need to install the camera systems in minutes.

  • AutoFind

    No complicated network setup or pairing process. Just connect the cables and connection is ready go after only one click.

  • PoE

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables your Ethernet cables to carry power as well as data. No need to run power to cameras located on the ceiling, where power outlets are generally not installed.


Scheduled Recording

Scheduled recording allows you to capture video only during specific hours and days, which is a great storage-saving feature for home and business.

Day & Night

With day/night function and high-quality infrared LED lights, the camera can deliver high-quality video in lowlight or nighttime conditions.

  • Indoor and outdoor

    CamGuardian offers complete indoor and outdoor solutions for monitoring your home or business.

  • Watch over what matters most

    You can take Camguardian as a versatile baby monitor or to look after your elder parents. The system keeps you connected to your family and allows you to manage it directly from your mobile terminal at anywhere anytime.

  • Monitor in business environments

    Prevent inappropriate and illegal behavior. Keep important things.

  • Watch your business

    CamGuardian provide a variety of combinations to meet different needs. Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of convenience-stores, there is always a suitable solution for you. The system helps you protect your stores and operations more efficiently.