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online & 3P marketplace reseller criteria

Qualified Online and 3rd Party Marketplace Reseller Criteria

U-tec manufactures and distributes Ultraloq whole-home smart lock system. (“Products”). U-tec products comply with strict demands to quality, safety, and documentation and are the result of a significant investment by U-tec in research and development to ensure its products are of the highest quality and comply with regulatory requirements.

U-tec has partners across the globe and works diligently in establishing processes and criteria to ensure screened Qualified Resellers operate in a manner that preserves the high quality of the products and who are able to demonstrate a high degree of expertise in order to be able to properly answer technical customer inquiries relating to the products, ensure compliance with health and safety and other regulatory requirements, and ensure the products are sold safely and in an appropriate manner to end consumers.

It is for these reasons that U-tec has implemented Qualified Online Reseller Criteria and Qualified Marketplace Reseller Criteria. By purchasing U-tec products, you agree that:

a) you will at all times comply with Qualified Online Reseller Criteria (if you sell from your own website) and/or Qualified Marketplace Reseller Criteria (if you sell from a 3rd party marketplace) set forth below, which may be updated from time to time;

b) you will only sell the products to end users or Qualified Resellers;

U-tec reserves the right to audit any Qualified Reseller to ensure compliance with all relevant Criteria. If a Qualified Reseller is not in compliance with all relevant Criteria, U-tec may withdraw the Reseller’s authorization to purchase products and may cease selling or shipping products to the Reseller. U-tec may revise these Criteria, as well as any associated criteria, applications, and registrations, at any time.



A Qualified Online Reseller is a reseller who has not, due to non-compliance with the requirements set out below, had its approval to sell products from one or more of its websites withdrawn or rejected by U-tec. Any website owned and operated by the Qualified Online Reseller as to which the approval to sell has not been rejected or withdrawn by U-tec for non-compliance with the below requirements shall be an “Qualified Website”. The following Criteria apply to all Qualified Online Resellers


High-quality retail business

  1. Professionalism. A Qualified Online Reseller shall operate in a manner that preserves the high quality of the products and shall perform sales in a correct, convenient, punctual, clean, customer-friendly, trustworthy, and generally high-quality manner. Any Qualified Online Reseller that does not operate to these standards and whose business practices do not meet these standards will not qualify to sell the products.
  2. Reputation. A Qualified Online Reseller shall have an established reputation and track record for the sale of premium products, or a documented financial and business plan to establish a reputation and track record for establishing such a business for the sale of the products.
  3. High quality website and appearance. The Qualified Website shall provide a high-quality online retail environment, reflecting the premium and high-quality brand reputation, as well as the specialized nature of the products.
  4. Product information. A Qualified Online Reseller shall provide all such information about the products on each product page (and elsewhere where products are described on the Qualified Website) as may be specified by U-tec from time to time, including but not limited to, features, benefits, uses, and the manner in which the products should be used. Qualified Online Reseller shall keep such a page updated with new product lines as well as any updated information on the products when provided by U-tec.


Sales Support Personnel

  1. Product knowledge and expertise. A Qualified Online Reseller shall be knowledgeable on the purchase and use of the products and must be able to inform customers on how to properly use the products for their needs. To fulfil this commitment, each Qualified Online Reseller shall employ a sufficient number of properly trained sales staff who shall:
    1. be able to make helpful recommendations to customers regarding the most suitable products for their needs, highlighting the benefits, uses, and features of the products, and educate customers on how to properly use the products safely;
    2. be able to deal competently with technical inquiries of customers; and
    3. comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the sale of the products.
  2. Training. If required by U-tec, each Qualified Online Reseller shall encourage one or more of its sales staff to attend and/or otherwise participate in periodic training provided by U-tec on the products.
  3. Call center, helpline, and email. A Qualified Online Reseller shall operate and clearly display on the Qualified Website an email address, a physical address for returns (being the address of the Qualified Online Reseller’s Qualified Place of Business, if any) and a customer service telephone number with the days and times (which must be no less than standard business hours) during which customers can contact Qualified Online Reseller for customer support. Qualified Online Reseller’s customer service telephone line and email shall be staffed during all opening hours by a sufficient number of trained and qualified customer-facing staff meeting the Sales Support Personnel requirements specified above.


Product promotion, branding and display

  1. Display with other products of like quality. A Qualified Online Reseller may only display the products with other high-quality products from reputable manufacturers with brand reputation comparable to that of the products. A Qualified Online Reseller shall display the products distinctly and separately from other manufacturers’ products by ensuring that the products are depicted within a section of the Qualified Website dedicated to the products. With the exception of Qualified Online Reseller’s self-branded products (if applicable), Qualified Online Reseller shall promote the products in general in the same or better manner as it promotes products from other manufacturers (including in terms of sales commissions or other incentives offered by the Qualified Online Reseller to its personnel).
  2. Display and Marketing. A Qualified Online Reseller shall comply with all branding and display guidelines as specified by U-tec from time to time and only use marketing materials and display materials as supplied or approved by U-tec. Any advertising that in U-tec’s reasonable opinion is inappropriate must be immediately discontinued or (if required) recalled by Qualified Online Reseller.
  3. Intellectual Property. A Qualified Online Reseller shall accurately describe the products using only the protected and current intellectual property of U-tec and in accordance with U-tec’s specifications and any intellectual property guidelines provided by U-tec from time to time. Qualified Online Reseller shall not exhibit or sell any item the trademark or brand name of which might give rise to confusion with trademarks, trade names, service marks, or any other intellectual property rights that are found on the labelling of the products or are otherwise designated by U-tec as being applicable to the products.
  4. Store name/URLs/Domains. A Qualified Online Reseller’s store name, and the Qualified Website domain name(s) and URL(s) (as applicable) shall not contain any trademarks of U-tec or affiliates, and shall not be associated with the products or trade names or any words which are confusingly similar thereto or misspellings thereof, including any variation or combination of these words.
  5. Depreciative advertising. A Qualified Online Reseller shall not engage in any advertising, promotion, or sale of a nature which in any way depreciates the integrity, value, or high quality of the products or U-tec brand reputation. In particular, Qualified Online Reseller shall ensure that the products are not inappropriately compared to other similar products.
  6. Packaging. A Qualified Online Reseller shall not obscure or alter in any fashion the serial or part number on any product or product packaging.


Pricing Policy

  1. Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP). U-tec has adopted a Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy, which is applicable to all Qualified Reseller Online Resellers. This policy was established to promote the quality of U-tec products, preserve individual pricing decisions, and maintain a fair business environment for all Qualified Online Resellers. The policy can be found here

Website Features

  1. High-quality retail website. The Qualified Website must be of a high standard showing high-quality graphic design, usability, and navigation features. For example, web-pages should load quickly and be optimized and be reachable from at least one static text link, and the Qualified Website should offer a site map with links to all pages, contain a helpful “search” function, be tested so that it is displayed correctly and with the same quality on all browsers, etc. The user experience needs to be placed at the forefront of how the Qualified Website presents the product.
  2. Corrections. A Qualified Online Reseller shall promptly correct any technical bugs and mistakes regarding products and product information contained on the Qualified Website and in any case no later than within five (5) calendar days of when it becomes aware of the same.
  3. Superlatives. A Qualified Online Reseller shall not use superlatives to describe the quantity of its product inventory, the pricing of products, or the online shopping experience concerning the Products on the Qualified Website or any other website, in any advertisement, sponsored link, or any other online marketing used, paid for, or associated with Qualified Online Reseller. Prohibited phrases include “the largest available online offering of U-tec brand products”, “lowest prices–U-tec brand”, or “best U-tec brand website”.
  4. Adware, spyware, or pop-up software. A Qualified Online Reseller shall not partner with any third party that uses adware, spyware, or other software to engage in pop-up or pop-under advertising or that generates non-user initiated activity (e.g. forced clicks or redirects). Pop-up or pop-under advertising and non-user initiated activity that is based on keyword searches, textual triggers, or screen-scraping associated with any Product or trademark used, owned, or licensed by U-tec or any of its subsidiaries or any common misspelling or confusingly similar trademarks is strictly prohibited.


Sales and after-sales service

  1. Stock. A Qualified Online Reseller shall maintain and stock an adequate supply of the products to satisfy customer demand. A Qualified Online Reseller shall use reasonable commercial efforts to order sufficient products to avoid stock-outs (taking into account that products may not always be in stock at U-tec).
  2. After-sales service. A Qualified Online Reseller shall be responsive and consumer-friendly in dealing with any after-sales-service to customers.
  3. Returns. A Qualified Online Reseller shall provide a consumer-friendly returns service that is communicated to the customer at the time of sale and is consistent with any return or credit programs periodically communicated by U-tec.


Compliance and conduct

  1. Compliance with laws. A Qualified Online Reseller shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those governing consumer protection and product liability, misleading and comparative advertising, unfair competition, distance selling, e-commerce, defamation, data protection and privacy, electronic signatures, intellectual property rights, and tax.
  2. Preserve and enhance reputation and goodwill. A Qualified Online Reseller shall preserve and enhance the reputation and goodwill of the products by avoiding any illegal or unethical actions, including without limitation “bait and switch” practices. Qualified Online Reseller shall not engage in unfair sales practices or make incorrect, deceptive, or denigrating statements about the products.
  3. Terms and conditions of sale and distribution. In addition to these Qualified Online Reseller Criteria and the terms set out in the “Introduction” section above, a Qualified Online Reseller shall comply with any separate terms and conditions of sale and distribution communicated to it by U-tec.

No Unauthorized Marketplace Sales

A Qualified Online Reseller shall NOT sell on any online marketplaces or third-party platform unless it is expressly authorized to do so by U-tec. Resellers wishing to sell on a marketplace or any third-party platform, must comply with the Qualified Reseller Criteria for Third-Party Platforms/Marketplaces below and must submit an Application Form and Agreement, which can be found here.


U-tec Qualified Reseller Criteria for Third-Party Platforms / Marketplaces

The following Marketplace Criteria for Third-Party Platforms/Marketplaces (“Marketplace Criteria”) are in addition to the Qualified Reseller Criteria. Each Qualified Marketplace Reseller shall comply with the applicable Qualified Reseller Criteria as well as the Marketplace Criteria. Unless set forth herein otherwise, capitalized terms found in the Qualified Reseller Criteria shall apply here. A Qualified Marketplace Reseller is a Reseller who operates one or more seller accounts or stores (a “Marketplace Store”) on a third-party marketplace such as Amazon or similar platforms “Marketplace” and sells U-tec products on such Marketplace Store with the express written approval of U-tec.

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, A Qualified Marketplace Reseller is not permitted to sell products on any Marketplace without first:
    1. demonstrating to U-tec that its Marketplace Store complies fully with these Marketplace Criteria and the applicable terms of the Qualified Online Reseller Criteria
    2. submitting a Qualified Marketplace Reseller Application Form and Agreement which can be found here; and
    3. obtaining the prior written approval from U-tec for its Marketplace Store.
  2. In addition to the applicable Qualified Reseller Criteria, each Qualified Marketplace Reseller shall take the following actions:
    1. identify and optimize key words for the search of the products on the Marketplace Store and accordingly optimize the visibility of the products and the promotion of the relevant U-tec brand thereon and to work with U-tec.
    2. work with U-tec in obtaining or updating content to conform to any requirements or criteria established by U-tec (including without limitation product descriptions and details, images, and titles) on Qualified Marketplace Store product pages to ensure that content remains optimized, up-to-date, accurate, and compliant with the product’s branding guidelines and obtain prior approval for any content changes or updates to the Qualified Marketplace Store product page(s); and
    3. achieve and maintain an overall customer feedback score of at least 95% positive on the Qualified Marketplace Store and at least 4.0/5 for any products sold from the Qualified Marketplace Store.
  3. It is important that every customer receives the right product in a perfect condition and in a timely manner. Each and every customer should be satisfied not only with the products they have purchased but also with the experience of purchasing and receiving that product. To ensure that this is the case, you shall carry out the following practices:
    1. ensure that every product you sell is packaged for delivery in such a way so as to protect it from damage before it is received by the customer; and
    2. conduct rigorous quality control checks on every product sold, including (but not limited to):
      1. insuring that each product being sent to a customer is the correct one, including checking details such as SKU product numbers, ASIN etc. labels (as applicable), shipment papers, and other types of labels;
      2. checking all shipment pallets and cases for damage;
      3. checking the integrity of all packaging and shipping seals for all shipped product;
      4. ensuring the labeling on each product is correct so that it arrives to the customer safely and in a timely fashion; and
      5. including on the label and/or in the delivery packaging your business name and contact details for returns or after-sales services, including physical address, telephone number, and email address.
  4. You must also carry out at least one online compliance test purchase every year, whereby you make an anonymous purchase of a product from each Marketplace Store on which you sell products, to determine:
    1. average time for the delivery of the product;
    2. whether the product received is the one that was ordered; and
    3. the condition of the packaging of the product and the product itself has been damaged during transit.

For the avoidance of doubt, when making a test purchase, the chosen delivery address must be different from the address of the warehouse where the product is processed and from which it is shipped. You must record the results of each online compliance test purchase. If the compliance test purchase falls below the standards a reasonable customer would expect, you must report this to U-tec immediately and take corrective action to ensure that any issues highlighted by the compliance test purchase are remedied in compliance with these Marketplace Criteria.